Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Someone left their March issue of Allure magazine in the break room at work. The cover asks, “What Does Your Hair Say About You?” I immediately started to question just what my hair was trying to say… and proceeded to the article.

Turns out the cover was misleading, it was actually a really beautiful Hitchcockian spread that showcased different coiffures inspired by his films.

But I’m left to wonder. I mean, it's amazing what a change to the tresses can do:

Emma Stone is on my radar! Do you remember how gorgeous she
looked at the Golden Globes? I love her as a blonde (supposedly it's her natural hair color).
What woman isn't girl crushing on Gwyneth? Sleek or beachy, her hair is always fab.
Would love to be able to rock a braid like Sienna.
Still, she's so sultry with her hair down.
My #1 girl crush, Zooey Deschanel. OK, she basically looks the same in both photos,
but I'd kill to have her luscious locks. It's perfectly thick, something I totally lack.
Katie Holmes is a chameleon, with each new cut, she seems like a new person.
Is it me or does she even look different with side swept bangs vs. a middle part?
I actually found an online quiz that supposedly tells you what your hair says about you. It's totally for fun, surely not that accurate... but I took it just to see what happened. Apparently, I'm young and fresh (I'll take it and wish it to God it was the truth): check it.

Do you think your hair says something about you?


  1. Mine says I'm young and fresh! (according to the quiz) I'm always changing my hair — I love a new look!

  2. Me too, love new looks! And I'm so inspired by women who change things up. I'm fearful I simply don't do it enough. I've actually been thinking about going blonde. It'll take a while to get my almost black to blonde, but, why not?

  3. Mine says - You are a Natural and .... "You don`t spend much time on your hair, but you do treat it well. People see you as easygoing and a good person, but be careful, you can also be too liberal sometimes!"

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