Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New 'do, New Duds

my sweet Blaineford
So I got my hair did. Styled by my dear friend, Blaine, at Jose Luis Salon here in Austin. Though he's been doing my hair for more than five years, we've been friends for something like 15. I love him dearly, he's an angel, you would love him too. He's a good listener, he's funny (and always laughs at my jokes, BONUS!), super fun to be around, has great taste in fashion, art and music and absolutely loves what he does. Plus, he's really good at it! He's always on the cutting edge of his craft. He told me to go for ombré before it became all the rage. He knows his stuff... Naturally, his clients adore him too.

This time around, we decided to go for something edgy. I had been hesitant since I have been freelancing, but we all need a good change from time to time. It's kind of like Krista meets Joan Jett, which later I'll have to talk about as well. I'm a big proponent of "WWJJD?" (what would joan jett do?). She's guided me through some major, err rather, minor decisions. Thanks, Joan!

My new herrrrrr. At the salon. Necklace and dress: Forever 21.
I have to say, I'm digging this look. I'm still trying to learn which way I want to do it (there are boundless options and that's the most fun). And I was pleasantly shocked on Sunday when I did absolutely nothing and it styled itself, cha-ching!

Of course, now I'm left with that feeling... I tend to get it anytime I get a haircut. I want to completely revamp EVERYTHING, I need to hit the gym. Buy some new makeup. GET A NEW WARDROBE. How does this happen in an INSTANT? Out with the old, in with the new! Do you get that way too?

Air dries like a dream. Dress: Walgreens!

Tank: Ultra Music Festival
After a LONG day at work.
Necklace: Henri Bendel.
Shirt: Forever 21.
If you're in the market for something fresh and live here, please go see Blaine — tell him I sent ya!

P.S. did you watch Glee tonight? They covered Black Kids, I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You. CRAZY. Fun!!


  1. Love your hair! I got a haircut yesterday but yours is super sassy...I need to visit so I can go to your guy. :)

  2. You bought a dress at Walgreens?

    ~KaraM www.karamoseby.com

  3. Ha, yep! One of my secret guilty pleasures, finding something wearable in the strangest of places. My favorite wedge flip flops are from there too... Miss you, Kara!