Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Someone left their March issue of Allure magazine in the break room at work. The cover asks, “What Does Your Hair Say About You?” I immediately started to question just what my hair was trying to say… and proceeded to the article.

Turns out the cover was misleading, it was actually a really beautiful Hitchcockian spread that showcased different coiffures inspired by his films.

But I’m left to wonder. I mean, it's amazing what a change to the tresses can do:

Emma Stone is on my radar! Do you remember how gorgeous she
looked at the Golden Globes? I love her as a blonde (supposedly it's her natural hair color).
What woman isn't girl crushing on Gwyneth? Sleek or beachy, her hair is always fab.
Would love to be able to rock a braid like Sienna.
Still, she's so sultry with her hair down.
My #1 girl crush, Zooey Deschanel. OK, she basically looks the same in both photos,
but I'd kill to have her luscious locks. It's perfectly thick, something I totally lack.
Katie Holmes is a chameleon, with each new cut, she seems like a new person.
Is it me or does she even look different with side swept bangs vs. a middle part?
I actually found an online quiz that supposedly tells you what your hair says about you. It's totally for fun, surely not that accurate... but I took it just to see what happened. Apparently, I'm young and fresh (I'll take it and wish it to God it was the truth): check it.

Do you think your hair says something about you?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

xoxo these nails

Looks like I'm not the only one indulging in colorful expression. The recently launched "xojanedotcom" has been consuming a fair amount of my time. And then I stumbled upon this (click on the link for a DIY tip)...
photo via
Heavens to Betsy, I'm in love.

Let it be known that Jane Pratt was my idol in the day. Sassy magazine spoke to me in a way that's virtually impossible to explain. It spoke to me in a way that no other magazine did at that time. More importantly, it spoke TO me, not at me. The writers seemed to understand what it felt like to be young, different, opinionated, confident, lost... and they likely did.

Jane was just 24 years old when she started Sassy. Can you imagine? I've heard all kinds of stories about how crazy she is in real life. I'm not sure it matters to me. Hell, I can be crazy too at times. I'm just going to stick to being thankful that she still tries to speak to my generation. No matter how old we get.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Color Me Happy

Lately, few things have been as therapeutic as the painting I've been doing.

Though I did manage to get one canvas under my belt this year (for baby L!), what I'm actually finding super soothing is changing the tips of my fingers... over and over and over again. As things heat up outside, it seems the brighter the better. I'm enamored with blues, corals and my favorite recent score, Minted, Revlon's gorgeous sea foam green. Subconsciously, I've been building outfits around them too. It took a while for me to recognize what was happening... But, hey, ain't no shame in my game.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Pacific Blue

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Racey Rouge

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Blue Me Away!

Revlon Top Speed, Violet

Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Collide-O-Scope

Revlon, Minted
Doubled up: Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine, Rain Check + Sparked

Side note: I would love to be the Grand Poobah of nail polish naming. It's my dream job. Wouldn't it be AMAZING?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New 'do, New Duds

my sweet Blaineford
So I got my hair did. Styled by my dear friend, Blaine, at Jose Luis Salon here in Austin. Though he's been doing my hair for more than five years, we've been friends for something like 15. I love him dearly, he's an angel, you would love him too. He's a good listener, he's funny (and always laughs at my jokes, BONUS!), super fun to be around, has great taste in fashion, art and music and absolutely loves what he does. Plus, he's really good at it! He's always on the cutting edge of his craft. He told me to go for ombré before it became all the rage. He knows his stuff... Naturally, his clients adore him too.

This time around, we decided to go for something edgy. I had been hesitant since I have been freelancing, but we all need a good change from time to time. It's kind of like Krista meets Joan Jett, which later I'll have to talk about as well. I'm a big proponent of "WWJJD?" (what would joan jett do?). She's guided me through some major, err rather, minor decisions. Thanks, Joan!

My new herrrrrr. At the salon. Necklace and dress: Forever 21.
I have to say, I'm digging this look. I'm still trying to learn which way I want to do it (there are boundless options and that's the most fun). And I was pleasantly shocked on Sunday when I did absolutely nothing and it styled itself, cha-ching!

Of course, now I'm left with that feeling... I tend to get it anytime I get a haircut. I want to completely revamp EVERYTHING, I need to hit the gym. Buy some new makeup. GET A NEW WARDROBE. How does this happen in an INSTANT? Out with the old, in with the new! Do you get that way too?

Air dries like a dream. Dress: Walgreens!

Tank: Ultra Music Festival
After a LONG day at work.
Necklace: Henri Bendel.
Shirt: Forever 21.
If you're in the market for something fresh and live here, please go see Blaine — tell him I sent ya!

P.S. did you watch Glee tonight? They covered Black Kids, I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You. CRAZY. Fun!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I miss you already

One week ago today, we lost our beloved grandfather. Though he's left us in presence, he will ALWAYS be with us in spirit. He would have been happy to know that it wasn't blisteringly hot the day he was buried, in fact it was quite cool and we think he may have had something to do with that. We celebrated his life and what a wonderful man he was. We laughed, we cried, we shared stories and we went to Chinese buffet.

Robert Eng

Robert Len Him Eng, born in Suey Kong Village, China on August 28, 1923 entered into rest at the age of 87 on April 26, 2011. He is survived by his loving daughters, Mayline, Elizabeth, Judy and Pricilla, sons Albert Eng and Kenneth Eng, and sons-in-law William and Raul. He is the grandfather of 14 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Other survivors include sister, Jin Lui of San Francisco, California, sisters-in-law Angie Louis and Clara Garcia Fuentes, and nephews G.C. (Jay) Ng and numerous nieces and nephews in San Antonio and San Francisco. He is preceded in death by his loving wife, Hortencia Garcia Eng, his parents, 4 siblings and son-in-law, Al Hogan. At the age of 14, after traveling alone 19 days, on a ship from China to California, he arrived in San Antonio in 1938. He attended an American school and also attended the Chinese school while working alongside his father and brothers at Sunny Side Grocery Store. It was there that he learned his great work ethic. He eventually moved to Laredo, Texas where he managed the Shanghai Café and that was where he met his future wife. They lived in Laredo until 1965, when they moved to San Antonio, where he worked at family-owned Tai Shan Restaurant. Eventually, he retired in 1995 from HEB Grocery. In his retirement he enjoyed traveling to China, San Francisco, Mexico City, and taking cruises with family and friends, Lon and Diana Potter. He enjoyed cooking for his family, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The family extends its appreciation to the medical staff at CTRC, especially his chemotherapy nurse, Terry. Also thanks to the staff at 2d Baptist Medical Center, especially nurses Matt and Sandy. Extra special thanks to Maria Elena Gonzalez for her love and care for the past five years. Visitation will begin at the Alamo Funeral Home on Sunday, May 1, 2011 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. A funeral service will be held at 10:00 am on Monday, May 2, 2011, at Alamo Funeral Home and interment will follow at Mission Burial Park South on S.E. Military Drive.

We miss you so much already. Thank you for so many wonderful memories. I'm so proud I got to know you from the eyes of a child and from the eyes of an adult. I loved riding roller coasters with you as much as hearing you discuss politics. I'll miss knowing how much the cost of a hot dog and a baseball ticket were in the '40s. I'll miss your boisterous laugh, your sharp wit and knowing how proud you were of us. I'm so thankful to have had such an amazing grandfather. I'll still come visit you and you will always live on in the stories we will tell about you. I love you.