Monday, April 4, 2011

When [Someone Great] is Gone

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LCD Soundsystem is on the brain. Their last show EVER was at Madison Square Gardens on Saturday. A weekend that made me wish I still lived in NYC.

Sirius XMU had the band hosting all day and it was brilliant. I'm not sure if I liked what they said or what they played better. James Murphy can do no wrong in my book. A real person who makes amazing music, but is grounded enough to still get what it's like to be so completely enamored with music, a musician, a little touch of something that strikes a chord that you can't bear the thought of not seeing them live. Some bands take that for granted. 

Wondering what I'd missed out on I asked Sarah if she'd heard any details of the show and she forwarded me this live video link:

Thank goodness it was a proofing day. I got to pop my headphones in, edit 83 pages and listen/watch the first 3 hours and 4 minutes of their final show. LCD Soundsystem, you will be missed. And not just by me. Cut Copy, Chromeo, Holy Ghost and others weigh in:


ADDENDUM: The above video was removed from youtube. 
That's cool. I distinctly remember James Murphy requesting everyone put down their cameras at the Miami show. He asked that we be in the moment and enjoy it. I can respect that too.

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