Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Partner in Crime

Everybody needs one. 
It’s only fitting that this be my first official blog post. My dear friend, Sarah, has been my partner in crime for about five years now. Though we had crossed paths a few years before, we didn’t fall into the kind of friendship we share today until 2006 when I moved back to South Florida. 
I was newly single, having gotten out of a 10-year relationship and ready to explore my freedom — she's always on the go and ready for anything. It was a perfect concoction of madness and mayhem (okay, pause for a moment: I’m listening to Pandora and The Bravery just came on… An Honest Mistake. Totally fitting since around that time it's what we were listening to. So WEIRD, seems like decades ago!).
But I digress. That year we spent almost every waking minute together — her husband allowed me to tag along with them to everything. We went shopping, to parties, to shows, to the beach. You name it. It was a blissful time. She even introduced me to my fiancé (we'll save that story for another time). 
In June of 2009, she and I attended a SFIMA workshop that launched her into the blogosphere and gave us what we thought were great social media ideas for the women’s clothing catalog company we worked for at the time. Today, her blog is still going strong and I no longer work for that company. 
I’m back in Austin now, the city I’ve shared a love affair with for more than 15 years. And as happy as I am to be here, it pains me to be away from the best partner in crime I’ve ever had. We share similar tastes in virtually everything: fashion, food, drinks and MUSIC. I can't even tell you how many musicians we've seen live together and I don’t think there was ever a time she said no to a show I wanted to go to (although, admittedly, there were times I simply couldn’t keep up with her). And now with as many live music opportunities as there are here, I find myself wishing she was too. 
Several weeks ago I attended the Texas Style Council Conference. She would have LOVED it. The people she could have met, the fun we could have had, the whirlwind of boutiques and people and fashion and food and drinks and fantastic blog advice. Plus, a photo booth! 
It was such a good time. I've read every single re-cap and wish I had started this sooner so I could have joined in on the fun. To all my favorite fashion bloggeses: ladies, you know who you are! Thank you for being so welcoming, kind and inspiring. It’s made my foray into this so much easier. 

I've often toyed with starting my own blog but never knew where to begin, wondered if anyone would care about what I had to say and consistently talked myself out of even trying. The truth is, none of that really matters. I just need a place to release my thoughts. Record what makes me happiest at that moment in time. I wish I'd started when Sarah had, I would have amazing documentation of the last couple of years...
At the conference I made the above collage via Charming Charlie damaged jewelry and realized I had @sunlovey on the brain. The colors belong to her (she adores blue) and she just found out she’s having a boy! Her first pregnancy and I am not even there for it. UGH. 
2006. The first of many pool parties.
Anyway, dear Sarah, thanks for being such a brilliant partner in crime and a constant source of inspiration. There are countless times we’ve quoted this song to one another, sometimes simultaneously... I also thank you (and Golden Girls) for that. I miss you dearly and think of you often and I know that when the day comes that I actually do decide to wear a feather headdress, you’ll tell me I am rockin’ it.
December 2009. Sarah's annual holiday Wine & Cheese Party

May 2008. Costa Rica

March 2009. Ultra Music Festival. Just before CUT COPY!

September 2009. Depeche Mode
Prosecco at one of our favorite Miami restaurants, The Pelican


  1. aw, what an eye-misting post. LOVE you so, kristakins!
    what a killer little trip down memory lane.
    life just isn't quite the same without each other.
    miss you and see you so soon... #YAY!
    all the best in blogging your heart out!

  2. Welcome to blogging! What a sweet, heartfelt first post. I agonized for weeks over what to make my first post about... in the end I did a "photoshop eek" post! Write away!

  3. thanks so much, ladies. Jess, you have me cracking up re: your first post! This will definitely be a journey. I'm ready.

  4. What a great friend you have! It was lovely to meet you at the TxSCC. I'll be looking forward to more posts!

  5. Thanks, Kelsey! It was lovely to meet you as well. I still think about your feather headband from Saturday. I just took a peak at your blog and OMG, my dream would be for T to actually let me style him for a week. He'd never be a willing model. I'd make him wear brown and black, his least favorite colors for clothing and I'd also make him wear a cardigan. Lucky girl!