Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mock My Mockingbird

Have you seen Portlandia? Love it. I find myself putting it on a Hulu loop (frequently at work). The cool thing is most of my co-workers walk by exclaiming, "Portlandia!" Guess the feeling is mutual. We all dig it. The humor that totally makes fun of things that are all too familiar, particularly for my generation... and well, living in Austin.

A few weeks ago, I finally came across one that totally makes fun of ME. It's me to a T, even the end, when they're totally freaked out by the real birds. I mean, birds are dirty aren't they? I jest, -kind of-.

I'm not sure when it all started. Maybe because I've always wanted a sparrow tattoo. When I created my twitter account, I craved anonymity and found this cool little photo online that I felt epitomized me or at least what I wanted to put on my body.

Ever since then, I seem to be a bit of a collector. Exhibit A:

I could wear a different bird necklace to work for two entire weeks and never wear the same one. And I'm certain the collection will only grow.

I have rings, earrings, I painted a giant canvas that hangs above our bed and I also own some tees, but was too embarrassed to show off everything.

I will, however, show you one of my all time FAVORITE pieces, a big splurge and treat to myself, my Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag. I LOVE everything about it. The bohemian style, the floral ditsy print lining, the luxurious feel of the supple leather and, of course, the BIRD on it...

So I guess I'm a cliche, but I can't stop. And frankly, I don't want to. Please tell me there are other girls out there who are just as fanatical? 


  1. the shot of all your bird necklaces makes ME want all your bird necklaces. and i am familiar with how you came to own many of them! (at least 2 from me!) LOVE IT.

  2. Totally, and I could tell you exactly which ones! Don't forget the ring you gave me (in photo #3) for Christmas this year. Thanks so much for supporting my habit! XOXO

  3. Gurrrl... You should have come to our Aviary Happy Hour!!

  4. say what?!?!?!! How did I not know about this?!

  5. I love Portlandia! We've been rocking out to "the dream of the 90s" song in my office!

  6. LOVE! I want a a shower curtain with birds on it.

    Miss ya!
    ~KaraM www.karamoseby.com