Thursday, September 8, 2011

She's Crafty

Cannot even begin to describe how busy I've been the last couple of weeks. In addition to my full time gig, I've taken on some freelance work that's really gotten my creative juices flowing. Despite how challenging the extra work can be, I'm really thankful for it.

And as busy as I've been, I'm not nearly as busy as my new Mommy friends. Babies, babies, babies! I'm surrounded by them. It's so weird, I thought for sure I'd be part of the Mommy club by now. Some days I'm sad I'm not, some days I'm happy I'm not and some days I fear that biology determines whether or not. Regardless, I'm THRILLED for my Mommy friends. Three newborns have entered this world within a month span of one another and I couldn't be happier.

I got to meet sweet baby Scout, just last night. She's six weeks old and perfect. Big round cheeks and crazy chill. In exactly one month I get to meet baby Liam, the son of my dear friend, Sarah. I'm so stoked to see both of them. Truly, I'm counting down the days.

One of my very best friends just had her second son, baby B on Tuesday. G has been a dear friend since college. I'll have to share our story for another time, it's a REALLY good one. We have this crazy 'When Harry Met Sally' kind of story, minus the falling in love part, obviously. Although, wouldn't that be a plot twist?

It's crazy how we were MEANT to be friends, when I finally get around to telling you about it, you'll totally get what I mean. Since moving back to Texas, I've been able to see G several times (never as much as I'd like, though), unfortunately, G now lives in Houston.

Anywho, just a few weeks ago, she emails me and says she's finally decided on a theme for the babies room. Theme?! I LOVE themes! Once I get a theme in my head, I start to create, envision, I get down right crafty. And she had the best baby room idea ever: retro owls and birds. Hello?! Did you say birds? Why, I'd LOVE to Put a Bird On It!

Baby rooms are my specialty. I love to paint for them. Since she had a complicated pregnancy and was just about to burst, I talked it over with T and decided I'd come down for the weekend and help them get the room together. Upon arrival, I convinced her to go with "salute" blue instead of the brown she had originally envisioned.

It perfectly matched the polka dot blankets, bumper, etc. I mean, exactly matched it. She bought a really fun bird decal for the wall and voila! It came out looking so good, THANK GOD! She basically said blue was the last color she wanted for the room, but it looks amazing and we loved the idea of orange and lime as accent colors. Really any accent color works with that perfect blue.

I got home and went to town. I've been dabbling in painting for a couple of years now. I'm pretty amateur, so babies rooms are totally my speed. The wee ones don't judge, so it takes the pressure off. I'm not exactly finished with the owl — I took apart the belly and am painting it over again, but I thought I'd show you my progress anyway...

retro bird for baby B
retro owl in progress. I'm particularly fond of his duck feet.
So, dear friends, if you plan on having a baby any time soon and have a theme picked out, I'm all ears. And paintbrushes.

Happy Thursday,  another week, almost down!

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  1. Makes me want to have another baby so we can get another piece of your baby art in our house : ) I love the theme and the paintings are awesome! Love you!