Monday, September 12, 2011

I want. I want.

I'm thankful I have a great friend who also happens to be my stylist.

I know he was looking out for me on Saturday night when I told him I needed to have pale pink hair. Just the underneath parts so it would pop out of my naturally dark, dark brown hair. And when I put it up, the beautiful color would be revealed for all to see. His "this will absolutely kill your hair," killed me. "If you are okay with a pixie cut afterwards, I can do it?!" he teased. I'm so not okay with a pixie cut. My face simply wasn't built for it.

I know I'll appreciate his advice eventually, but for now, I sulk. My hairspiration is shown here (via Pinterest). And upon further inspection, I realize, it's a WIG!

But don't you worry. Soon enough, my dear, sweet Blaine will be putting in either a turquoise shade or a fuchsia as my new 'do. Stay tuned!

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