Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's Talk About Jeans, Baby

Creepy as hell.
Old Navy, I hate you, but then you repurpose a song, and I kind of love you.

Your ads have been disturbing me since you decided to launch those God-awful "modelquins" (see right). I loathe them even more than the terrifying Duracell battery rubber people. They're almost as bad as the human-like Coca-Cola polar bears. Those freaks strike fear in me every single December. But I digress.

Jingles. I love them. And oddly enough, they've been on my mind today. I posted a link to an old self defense commercial to Facebook this morning. That song was a total part of my childhood and one I still find myself singing years and years later.

Old Navy used to have fun jingles too! Am I the only one who remembers them? "Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy performance fleece!" It was divine — and with an all-star cast, no less!

And though I rarely buy their products (same with Gap, their sister brand) because nothing ever fits — I'm always in between two sizes, UGH — I know lots of people who LOVE Old Navy and with the latest round of commercials, I might actually have reason to set foot in there again.

JINGLES! "Let's talk about jeans, baby" and "Only in my jeans." Oh, what joy. Cheesy goodness! I crave thee. Judge me. I'm ready for it.
T noticed these particular ads brought a spring to my step. So tonight, while making dinner, he asks, "how much do you think Madonna got paid for 'Only in My Jeans'?" WHA?!?!?! Um, HELLO! It's Ms. Debbie *Deborah* Gibson!

Again, I'm ready for judgement day. Ah, electric youth. Back then, I loved her. Fun fact: Once a security guard at an amusement park let me into her concert. Though it was her last song, the sheer fact that he let me in and I got to see her, made me totally, wait for it, wait for it, CRY. Nerd alert! Hit me with your best shot. For the record, the first concert I actually paid money to go to was R.E.M. Does that redeem me in any way???

Well, regardless, the Debster makes for one great Old Navy commercial. And what about Salt-N-Pepa's reworked "Let's Talk About Jeans." Kinda disturbing that the original is "Let's Talk About Sex" but is it bad that it's also why I love this new version? I mean, the whole family is involved! Even Gram and Pappy. Awkward, yet delicious.

So thanks, Old Navy. We just might meet again soon... as long as you promise to keep the hits coming.


P.S. How much money do you think Debbie Gibson and Salt-N-Pepa actually did make for those songs? Now I truly am curious.


  1. I was eagerly anticipating this long-awaited post and you didn't disappoint. I agree, those modelquins have got to go. They are disturbing.

    And I am amused that T thought the song came from Madonna and not Debbie. Then again, the fact that he didn't know the original singer probably makes him way cooler than us all.

    Keep the posts coming!

  2. Aww, thanks, HM. I was kind of thinking I might just be out of this blogging thing. Hence, the long pause. Your comment is a confidence booster, fo' sho'.

  3. I LOVE Old Navy commercials! I rarely buy clothes from there (they're always a couple of sizes off...) but I like the simple styles and catchy tunes. Thanks for the blast from the past!